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'To be the best you can be' - Article 29



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'To be the best you can be' - Article 29


Home Learning Challenges - 13th July 2020

Home Learning Challenges - July

Health and Wellbeing Home Activities for Families Swansea Bay

Summer Term 2020 - 'Who lives in a rock pool?' 


There’s an exciting world just below the surface of the rock pool. Which creatures live near the sea? Why do crabs have shells? We’ll find out the answers to these questions and more in this project about the seashore.

This term we will learn all about the fascinating British seashore. We will find out about rock pools, sea creatures and beach 'treasure.' We will research facts about the creatures that live within rock pools and the sea. We will share pictures, videos and stories from the seaside and then use our imagination/experiences to write postcards and stories. 
Using our art skills, we’ll draw seabirds, create beach art and decorate shells. It might get messy when we explore the texture of sand and create a fantastic sand art display! We’ll 
listen carefully to stories and poems about the seashore. By reading non-fiction books, we’ll find out lots of interesting facts, discovering which animals live in a rock pool and what they eat. In our ‘seashore shop’, we’ll take on different roles and think about how we speak to each other. Using our mathematical skills, we’ll count jellyfish, solve problems and order 
shells. We’ll also measure handprints and footprints in the sand. We will discuss important issues such as sun safety, water safety and litter. 
At the end of the project, we’ll create an information booklet about all of the sea creatures we have learnt about.
Help your child prepare for their project:
Rock pools are remarkable places. Why not share pictures/books/online videos to find out all about your favourite creature that lives at the seashore? You could also create fantastic seashore collages using recycled materials. Alternatively, make a miniature ‘beach in a box’ using sand, pebbles, shells and toys. Please share pictures/home videos with your child about special trips to the beach that you have experienced together. Please follow current Government Guidelines and, until it is safe to do so, use memories and imagination to help engage in the topic until we can visit our local seaside again. 

Language, literacy and communication skills - 
Oracy; Reading; Writing 
Mathematical development -
Developing numerical reasoning; Using number skills; Using measuring skills; 
Using data skills 
Personal and social development, well-being and cultural diversity -
Personal development; Social development; Well-being 
Knowledge and understanding of the world - 
Places and people; Time and people; Myself and other living things; Myself and 
non-living things 
Physical development -
Personal; Adventurous and physical play; Health, fitness and safety 
Creative development -

Art, craft and design; Creative movements

Weekly timetable - Hello! I have made a visual timetable for each day of the week to show what we usually do in class in case your child wants to keep the usual routine. The pictures are not the same as what we use in class unfortunately as I cannot find them online. I have put outdoor activity before play as this is where we usually do our magic mile (a mile walk outside). On a Monday we go in the sensory room - maybe you could make a tent and put some light up toys in? On Tuesday where it says social time this is our circle time activities - social stories, games to take it in turns/share, cooking etc. Friday we do rich tasks linked to our topic 'Will you read me a story?' I will send weekly challenges that you can do during this time. I hope this helps. Miss Johns

Home Learning challenges – Week 1 w/b 23/03/2020


Literacy – Sound of the week is m. We enjoy these two videos in class for the sound of the week - and Please can your child either practise forming this letter or writing words that start with the letter. As an extra challenge (if appropriate) they can write sentences which contain m words. If practising forming the letter you can do it in fun ways – writing in paint/foam/glitter/water/driving cars through paint etc for multi-sensory fun! Also Ruth Miskin is doing daily RWI sound sessions live on youtube each day –


Numeracy – Two levels – level one – the number of the week is one. We enjoy reading the story of one - and completing the activities. Please practise recognising the number/saying/signing/writing and linking to objects eg show one button and write the number one next to it. You can also enjoy multisensory activities to write 1.

Level two – Practise addition sums. There are lots of worksheets available online or create your own sums by rolling a dice to find the digits or pulling bits of paper with numbers on out of a hat!


Topic – Our story of the week this week is ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ Please enjoy the story with your child, ebooks are available on Twinkl if you have signed up for the one month free trial otherwise they have online versions available on Youtube. Activity ideas – make gingerbread men out of a range of materials eg playdough/collage/cardboard/drawing on paper on ICT. If appropriate ask your child to retell the story/sign parts of the story/draw pictures from the story. There is a vast amount of activities linked to the story online but here is a nice website with ideas -


If you need any help please contact me on dojo or email ( Have fun!


Miss Johns

Home Learning


Here is a list of useful websites that you can use at home with your child - - twinkl have given free access to parents for 1 month.

You can also use for free interactive games.   You do have to join for free. Use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS


Interactive games for the majority of subjects. Click on your child’s stage (foundation stage/phase or key stage 1), some are EYFS or by Year group -


Interactive games and printable resources for most subjects sorted by stage/year group - 

Reading - Every child has a private log in. Please message if you would like to know their log in details. 


Times tables -


Health and well-being - fitness and mindfulness -


Fine and gross motor - Playdough disco on youtube 


Reading and literacy resources -


A list of websites and resources updated and added daily from the literacy shed - 



Please could you also practice your child’s IEP targets.


I have prepared home learning packs. If anyone would like these please let me know. You can contact me on class dojo or via email -


Croeso/Welcome to STF1  

Hello and welcome to STF1 class at Morriston Primary School. Our theme this Spring Term is ‘Will you read me a story?’ In this topic we will be learning about –  

  • Fairy tales 

  • Goodies and baddies 

  • Homes and castles 

  • Magic and fantasy 

  • Writing and telling stories 

Our text type this term is ‘Recount.’ We are hoping to go on a few trips linked to our topic this term that we can then recount in our books when back in class.

We will be following instructions to make ginger scented playdough to make the Gingerbread man. We will follow instructions to make porridge like in Goldilocks and the three bears. We will be writing instructions on how we planted the magic beans from Jack and the beanstalk and writing instructions on how we made the house like in Hansel and Gretel.  

This term we will be alternating PE with Squiggle While you Wiggle weekly on Thursdays. This will give us an opportunity to help us improve our writing skills in a fun and practical way!  

We practise reading twice a week so if you take a book bag home, please return it daily. We write in the home/school books every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – please feel free to comment back or write any important information in also. We would appreciate if you could send in £5 each half term or £1.25 per week for fruit, snacks and drinks.  

Thank you for your continued support. Please feel free to come in to discuss your child’s learning or look through books at any time.  


Miss Johns, Miss Carmichael, Mrs Williams and Mrs Walters 

Autumn Term 2019 Autumn term 2019 - Welcome back! We are so happy to see all of the children back in school and are very excited to start our new topic - 'What happens when I fall asleep?' Please find information below about our new topic. I will explain more in our 'Meet the teacher' event this Monday 9th September at 2:30pm. I look forward to seeing you.